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Fall Brook Coal Co. Railways Timetables

1886 Timetable
  July 1886 Timetable
  Timetable 1889
  Jan. 1889 Timetable
  Timetable 1890
  November 1890 Timetable

Fall Brook Route Consolidated Timetable

  May 19, 1895 Timetable


1888 Rules Book
 1888 Rules for the Movement of Trains by telegraphic orders
 to govern all roads operated by the Fall Brook Coal Company
 (shown here: the first two of 79 pages)

1892 Grape Tariff Schedule
1892 - Rate Card for shipping grapes
(abundant in NY Finger Lakes region)
Switch Key FBCC
Switch Key, F. B. C. Co.

Brass baggage tag
Freight Bill
1899 Freight Way Bill

Freight Forms

Joint Freight Tariff of the Tioga and Blossburg & Corning Railroads
Corning, NY - April 2, 1863
Thanks to David. S. Dropkin

Blossburg & Corning Railroad. - Freight Waybill for potatoes
Corning, NY - April 30, 1864

Blossburg & Corning, and Wellsboro & Lawrenceville Freight Receipt
For transport of five kegs of nails
Wellsboro, PA - May 7, 1872
Thanks to Jim McMullen

Corning, Cowanesque and Antrim Freight Receipt - For transport of one box of axes.
Wellsboro, PA - June 7, 1873
Thanks to Jim McMullen

F .B. C. Co. Operators of the C.C. & A. R'wy, S. G. & C. R'wy and G. & L. Railroad
Freight Receipt - February 17, 1883
Thanks to Robert Hitesman

Fall Brook Railway Co. - Shipping Receipt for a box of dry goods
from Corning, NY to E. Reeves, Lodi Centre, NY, April 28, 1893

Freight Notice
Notice of the arrival of carload of coal at Penn Yan, NY dated November 12, 1896

Company Checks

Fall Brook Coal Co. check dated 8/24/1866 - Signed by John Lang

Early FBCC Check
Fall Brook Coal Co. check dated 11/16/1867 - Signed by John Lang

Fall Brook Coal Co. check dated 5/24/1879 - note engraving of John Magee

Fall Brook Coal Co. Lessees & Operators
Corning, Cowanesque & Antrim & Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railway
Check dated 3/6/1880 - Payable to (Superintendent) A. H. Gorton, signed by John Lang

Fall Brook Railway Co. Sight draft dated 3/7/1899 to DL&W RR for freight

Check dated 11/4/1899 to Estate of John Magee on partial dissolution of FBRRCo.

Check dated 5/5/1900 From Fall Brook Railway Company to Fall Brook Coal Co.
On final dissolution of FBRRCo. interests, signed by Treasurer John Lang.


Excursion Flyer - Gettysburg and Return - 1889
Thanks to Allen Potter (Facebook: History of Elkland ...)

Letter from Fall Brook Coal Company, dated 8/12/1886
offering a price of $3 a net ton for "run-of-the-mill" coal
at Bath, NY, if transported via Erie RR tracks, $2.55
if taken on DL&W RR.
Signed by John Lang, Treasurer

Fall Brook Coal Company, Operators of Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railway
General Freight Release - Shipment from Corning to Wellsboro - Oct. 15, 1880
Thanks to Robert Hitesman

Fall Brook Coal Company, Railway Department. Postcard Invoice
To Hunters Run & Slate Belt R.R. for mileage - February 3, 1892
Thanks to Lauren Kelly-Hill

Fall Brook Coal Co. as Lessees of C. C. & A. and S. G. & C. Railways
Stock Release for Transport of Cattle - April 15, 1881
Found in Wellsboro Freight House - Thanks to Robert Hitesman

Fall Brook Coal Company - Letterhead
As Lessees and Operators
Corning, NY - July 11, 1885

Letterhead of Hollowell & Wise of Penn Yan, NY. Although they were known as
a purveyer of hardware, they became among the first to offer freight shipment
by rail for the rapidly growing grape and apple production of the region,
and became agents for the Fall Brook Route, accepting shipments to
Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Newark

Lyons & Williamsport Rail Post Office (RPO) cancelled envelope
Dated May 29, 1893, the year after the Fall Brook Coal Co's Railways
became the Fall Brook Railway Company.