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Thanks to everyone whose contributions and, best, enthusiasm has helped the substance and accuracy of this site immeasurably.

Gary M. Emerson's "A Biography of John Magee" in the Crooked Lake Review - Spring, 2000, is the bedrock of family history.

Joyce Tice's amazing History Center gives online access to "over 18,000 pages of resource materials and tools for Tioga and Bradford Counties in PA and Chemung County in NY." Her work and resources will stand for generations.

Special Thanks to Richard Palmer of Syracuse, NY, who continues to share some of his extensive railroad research with us, and has come up with some wonderful, obscure, references;

to Rich Stoving, whose book "Wellsboro's Own Railroad" prodded me into this research;

to Ron Goldfeder, who shared the fruits of his research for an article on the "John" for the N. Y. C. System Historical Society;

to Thomas T. Taber, who has shared his amazing and meticulous cataloging of railroad resource materials;

to Jim McMullen whose booklet Bloss Coal - North By Rail ("A concise History of the Tioga Division of the Erie and the Corning and Blossburg Railroad") and enthusiasm for the history of the region has contributed extensively to this site;

to David S. Dropkin, of Wellsboro, for his insatiable curiosity and research, and his deep love of railroading;

to David Pollard, who unearthed photos and news reports on the S. G. & C.;

to photographer Richard Owlett for historical materials;

to Bill Hecht, whose scans of old photographs are a treasure;

to Robert Hitesman for passing along some 130-year old papers;

to Steve Ensminger Jr., who has provided great enthusiasm, and "feet on the ground" in Fall Brook, PA.;

to Dr. Dan Weinstock, who sent a wonderful photo of Big Stream bridge construction;

to Dave Crandell for the photo of the Corning Depot, c 1940s;

to Claus Schlund, boxcar historian, for sending a photo of a Fall Brook boxcar (a very rare occurrence);

to Allen Miller, whose interest in Train Orders led him to a train dispatcher's order book from the CC&A, dated 1883. It is now in his possession, and wonderful details are emerging;

And thanks to Andrew Moyer for this delightful recreation of Fall Brook rolling stock.

Andrew Moyer's depiction of Fall Brook rolling stock