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Miscellaneous Photographs & Maps

Antrim PA Mines
Stereograph of Antrim no. 1 drift, Fall Brook Coal Company, at Antrim, Pennsylvania - 1872
Published by Gates and Company, Watkins, NY

Fall Brook Coal Railway Facility in Corning
Fall Brook Coal Railway Facility in Corning - 1882
Detail from an etching in the Library of Congress
"The Junction of the New York, Lake Erie and Western and Syracuse, Geneva and Corning R.R.s
(Full Library of Congress Version)

Corning Glass Works
Corning Glass Works - Fall Brook boxcar at lower right - date unknown

Town of Blossburg, PA,
Town of Blossburg, PA

Geneva, NY
Geneva, NY - showing controversial tracks along the lake. - Postcard by Jas. Foster

 Watkins Glen Viaduct
Stereo view of Watkins Glen viaduct of Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railroad by J. D. Hope
Built by Niagara Bridge Works, Buffalo, 1877 - 450 ft. long, 15 feet high.
Courtesy of Bill Hecht

 Postcard - Watkins Glen Viaduct
Postcard drawing by Louis Glaser of the Viaduct of the Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railroad
Published & Copyrighted, 1882, by Witteman Bros., New York

The Pavilion at Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen Pavilion on Syracuse, Geneva & Corning R. R. - A very popular tourist attraction.

Fall Brook Depot and offices, Corning
Fall Brook Depot and Offices, Corning, NY, 1895

NYC Corning Yards
Panorama photo of New York Central & Hudson River yard, Corning, NY, 1902 -
Originally the Fall Brook yards prior to the NYC takeover in 1899

Overview Cammal, PA
Overview of Cammal, PA

Overview Antrim, PA
Overview of Antrim, PA

Water Tower - Hammond, PA
Water tower at Hammond, PA on the Corning, Cowanesque and Antrim

FB Boxcar - Solvay, NY
Six years after the Fall Brook was absorbed into the New York Central, a lone 36 ft. Fall Brook boxcar sits at Solvay, NY, between cars from the old New York Central and Hudson River, and the Michigan Central. At this time, all were controlled by the New York Central
Thanks to boxcar historian Claus Schlund for sending this to us.

FB Hopper 
- Skaneatlas, NY
A rare photo of a Fall Brook Coal Co. hopper at Skaneatlas, NY
Thanks to Richard Palmer for sending this to us.

FB Boxcar 
- Waterloo, NY
Fall Brook Railway boxcar at Waterloo, NY (1896)
Waterloo Library & Historical Society.