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Glenfeld, Greenhouse

The Greenhouse / Conservatory

"A pleasant and to many a delightful hour can be spent in a visit to the new conservatory of Gen. Geo. J. Magee, in Watkins. This costly structure, containing thirty apartments, is a model of completeness and arrangement, and has but few equals in the state. It contains a large number and numerous varieties of native and exotic plants, and under the supervision of J. E. Anthony, a careful and experienced gardener, they show a vigorous and healthy growth ... While in the palm house, so real is the scene that a person imagines himself suddenly transported to the tropical regions; and now, when viewing the beds of lettuce, the growing beans and cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, etc., one is apt to forget the present season and to live, as it were, for the time being, several months later." - Watkins Express - March 15, 1894

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